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Energy efficient, warm and comfortable homes
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What I do / Process

Your new home design project is an enjoyable process with Simply Architecture advising and facilitating the concept

Understanding of my clients vision by means of good dialogue
Imaginative contemporary home design ideas
Increased energy efficiency and insulation
The initial concept stage is arrived at by good dialogue and understanding of my clients vision.
  • Transparent and efficient architectural design process
  • We ensure compliance with the District Plan
  • Preparation of Building Consent application (drawings and) documentation
  • Building Consent application
  • Tendering process

Simply Architecture is Hamilton-based - servicing the Waikato and Coromandel

Innovative architectural design for residential new builds and renovations in Hamilton

A site visit to discuss your ideas and any constraints of the site, fees are provided.

A feasibility of the constraints of the site, local authority compliancy requirements, concept
drawings. Review the concept and discuss any additional detail or changes you wish to make.

A contract is provided for the Building Consent Application documentation.

Developed Design drawings to finalize the project layout. Resource consent application. 
Engineer engaged if required for geotechical work / structural beams / storm water disposal.
Collaboration with further specialist's where required. Review and discuss the final details.

Detailed documentation completed, compile work from engineer and consultants.

Building Consent documentation deposited at council.

Tendering (procuring a contractor) as required.

Simply Architecture is an architecture firm working in Hamilton and the Waikato region, specialising in smart architectural design. We have had 20 years experience facilitating ideas from owners and providing a solution that has been enjoyed by our clients. Current trends in Europe, and research on energy efficient systems is an on-going interest. Architecture evolves and knowledge allows innovative and imaginative design.

The fundamental element of each project that Simply Architecture undertakes is energy efficient home design including the use of passive solar energy combined with sustainable heating systems and a high thermally rated exterior envelope. Clients are more often asking for passive solar design features. Site considerations are the north aspect, the view, neighbouring features. The flow of spaces and uses of these spaces within the home to enhance the daily life of the family or individual, within the confines of the site. This is our challenge and reward.

We use principles to provide a design that is adaptable and accessible for each client. Designs aim to be:

Usable: has thoughtful design features that meet different needs and abilities and make life easier such as reachable power points and easy to use taps.
Adaptable: has easy to adapt design features to meet changing needs without expensive additions or renovations such as suitable kitchens and bathrooms.
Accessible: has easy and safe access for people of all ages and abilities such as level entries and wider doorways.

If you would like to discuss plans for architectural design in NZ, please get in touch.

From concept to completion, let Simply Architecture take your architectural design ideas and make them reality 

Simply Architecture can be involved with your project right through from design to construction in collaboration with other professionals in the industry. When you choose Simply Architecture for architectural design the process includes:

An in-depth discussion to explore ideas and daily lifestyle is essential before any drawing. The design is based on the individuals. A contract and the terms of agreement are provided before any work commences. Each stage of the process is discussed before the next stage commences. We provide well-documented applications to allow the process of consenting and construction to flow smoothly.

Browse our gallery of previous architectural design projects and then get in touch to discuss your architectural home design needs. Whether you want a new eco-friendly home design or you are looking to undertake renovations, Simply Architecture is the Hamilton-based architecture designer you can trust.

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